To My Dear Self

Dear self:

There is no point adding to the misery of the world by looking miserable yourself, so wash up that sadness face, wear your lipstick and get yourself together.

After all, if plan A doesn’t work, there are another 25 letters in the alphabet. And if you are using the Cambodian alphabet, you get 73 other letters! Hurray!

I know that life may seem to be kicking you hard these days but we both know that you will kick back, kick harder; because this is who you are, a fighter, an undefeatable rock solid woman.

It’s Okay to shed some tears, feel vulnerable and feel sorry for yourself, but make it quick.

Weeping won’t change anything, it will only make your eyes look ugly.

So do all of this drama as quickly as possible then focus on your path and goals again.

This is not your first hard time and it won’t be the last one. Life will be challenging you over and over again. You must be up to the challenge every single time.

Dear self, you will be fine.

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