Travel Essentials: Your Travel Search Engine

As an avid lover of travel and adventure, checking travel blogs and deals is part of my weekly tasks if not daily duties. Planning my next trip ( sometimes it’s planning my after-next trip :p ) is what keeps me going. It’s a much enjoyable activity for me.

I’m not a big fan of holiday packages. I prefer to have my own plans and itinerary, especially that I can opt sometimes to go look for a hidden gem instead of a famous attraction or to go on a purely culinary adventure.

I would also opt to stay in a floating hostel (hint: next trip) instead of a 5 stars hotel.

Oh and I hate beach holidays. I’m too young to lay by the pool. Wandering the streets of a foreign city is much more appealing for me.

That’s why, going on a trip for me includes a lot of planning and searching. I always try to make sure I’m getting the best deals especially when it comes to flights and I’m making most of the place I’m going to.

While exercising my favourite activity lately, aka planning a trip, I came across , a travel search engine purely in Arabic.

rahlat logo


I’m very impressed by not just as a traveller but also as a techie person. As far as I’m aware there is no similar projects in the Arabic region, this young but very promising startup is the first of its kind. They are trying to collaborate with local travel agencies and make an impact and a change on the Arabic travel market.

If you do know similar projects, please let me know. is much more localised than other travel search engines,  it has its content purely in Arabic which is fantastic. Not every person in the MENA region speaks English even if the majority does. My parents’ English is very basic and they would definitely choose Rahlat over Skyscanner.

Other than searching for flights, hotels and car hiring, contains the most popular travel destinations, city guides and a live up-to-date list of  the cheapest flights. made its way to my list of travel essentials and I’m pretty sure it will get even more success in the near future.

More of my travel essentials will be up on the blog soon, stay tuned!

Yours truly,

the traveller inside me



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