Survival Guide To Lebanon

Why are you going to Lebanon? Isn’t that in Middle East? Isn’t Middle East Dangerous?

Well, these are the comments I got when I announced I’m visiting Lebanon back in August.

The truth is, Lebanon is dangerous as shown in the picture below. That’s why you need a survival guide.

A Lebanese hot summer ;)

1/ If you can’t handle too much beauty, it may kill you: Lebanon is the result of a marriage between the sea and mountain. It has an extremely beautiful mesmerizing scenery. Maybe I should mention Jeita Grotto,  a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition, to make a point or the Pigeons’ Rock , the two huge rock formations standing tall in the sea? Did I mention the view you get while visiting Our Lady Of Lebanon? Or Byblos for that matter?

2/If you can’t handle too much food, delicious though, it may kill you: Lebanese, middle eastern, Mediterranean food! What could possibly go wrong? The food in Lebanon is amazing, absolutely delicious. But it comes in huge quantities whether it’s home-made or in a restaurant.

Expect to get a 3 rounds Mezze each containing several plates of salads, dipping and meat while you’re dancing Dabke.

And if you are lucky like me and have friends living there, expect them to cook you every single traditional dish and force food on you. Just enjoy it, there is always an Arabic coffee after the heavy meal to wash it all.

One last important tip when it comes to food , be brave, enjoy a Knafeh sandwich (knafeh bel ka3k) after the party. I did survive, you will too.

3/If you can’t handle bad traffic, it will certainly kill you: Traffic is Lebanon especially Beirut is chaotic.

I was enable to cross the streets of Beirut as there is no pedestrian crossings or lights (at least where I needed them to be) but luckily, people there are super nice, they helped me crossing the road (embarrassing!).

So be careful!

The top tip I have for you to survive in any country is just go , explore and experience things by yourself instead of building ideas based on prejudices.

I went to Middle East, I went to Lebanon and I would go again. It was one of the best trips ever.

It’s a beautiful country, people are super nice, the food is good and there is a lot to see in there.

It is just a country with a rough past, like most of the countries.

Yours truly,

the traveller inside me


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