Exploring The Places Under My Nose

In his book “The Idle Traveller-The Art Of Slow Travel”, Dan Kieran has a whole chapter dedicated to staying at home and how to walk out the front door with the perspective of a traveller.

This book really changed my perspective on travel, it helped me a lot becoming a traveller rather than just a tourist.

Following Dan’s advice on how travel starts from the front door, I’ve started to pay more attention to my surrounding and use my weekends at home to travel in time and dive in the history and signification of my neighbourhood.

Not far from where I live, stands the glorious St Mary Redcliffe, an anglican parish church constructed from the 12th to the 15th centuries. According to some sources, it’s the largest parish church in England.

So far, St Mary has been a “photography challenge” for me. Because it’s very tall, I never managed to get a proper photo for it as a whole.

But it’s a very good subject to practice my photography while enjoying its stunning Gothic architecture.

Here are some photos of my latest attempt to properly capture this masterpiece with my camera lenses.


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