Dear comfort zone

Dear comfort zone,

It’s been nice knowing you.

We had such great time together. You’ve been nice to me, you made me feel at ease, happy and confident in my own skin. But it’s time to say goodbye.

I’m sure there will be times when I’d wish we are still together. I’m sure our paths will cross in the future.

But for now, it’s a goodbye.

It’s not something wrong that you’ve done but it’s the infinite possibilities out there for me to try.

I may fail but I have to try.

I have to try so there’s no regrets, no ‘What if’s when I’m old enough.

I may sound selfish but what you’re offering me is not enough anymore.

Do not try to convince me that what’s out there is too risky and too dangerous.

Life is about taking risks, sizing opportunities and being brave.

I’m not scared of the unknown anymore.

Dear comfort zone, I’m leaving you.



All the women inside me.

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