Adventure is not always easy. Sometimes it’s not fun and it can be borderline dangerous. But it’s in those moments when you hit the summit, reach your destination or simply survive, that you realise that you can push your limits and challenge yourself.
It’s in those moments that you realise you are not the same person you were when you started out, because adventure is a great teacher.

Here are few things I learnt from my adventures:

  • Adventure doesn’t require a lot of money and it doesn’t require you to geographically go somewhere else. It still can be called adventure without involving volcanos. Exploring the places under your nose could be sometimes a very pleasant adventure.
  • Adventure needs a bit of planning: spontanious plans are cool but if you want to go on a hike, you may want to have your hiking shoes on not flipflops. Believe me, I hiked in Miami Keys (Key largo to be specific) in flipflops midday in a hot august day. Bad idea. Luckily the swim in the Atlantic afterwards washed out all the sweat and dirt.
Key Largo Hammocks State park
Key Largo Hammocks State park
  • More planning: If you want to hike a national park, you may want to have a map because the internet may let you down.
Dartmoor national park
It’s not like we couldn’t find our way but technically we were lost in Dartmoor and couldn’t find the proper path. Oh well…
  • Adventure is all about knowing your limits: I’m all for challenging oneself but there’s a fine line between being brave and being stupid. Knowing when to stop is sometimes the right thing to do. Don’t turn your adventure into drama.
Brecon beacon national park
It may not be clear in the photo but it was so windy and foggy that day that we couldn’t see the path and had to go back.

One last thing: Never stop wondering and exploring, there is a whole world for you to see and billions of adventures and experiences to live 😉


Yours Truly,

The traveller inside me


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