The myth of exclusively travelling to the Maldives with a significant other

-You should wait for Mr.Right to go to the Maldives.

-But what if the zombie apocalypse happens first?


-You went to the Maldives!! Does that mean there’s someone in your life now? 😉 

I bet that if you went to the Maldives on your own and if you’re a female, you must’ve heard these lines just like I did.


First of all, there’s no law stating that you can’t enter the Maldives on your own or with family or with friends.

Second of all, you seriously don’t need anyone to enjoy the beach, the sun, snorkling , a good book and an amazing view. Because that’s about it really.

Sipping my Mocktail & reading Spectacles by Sue Perkins

If anything, being on my own in the Maldives in December was perfect. I got time to relax after a year of hustle, to reflect on 2017 and simply to have the very famous “Me Time”.

Photo credit: camera on timer 😉 

I can’t tell for other resorts, but the resort where I stayed was fairly small. You can tour it all in probably 15 minutes which means that by the time you spend half a day on the beach, you have lunch in the restaurant and afternoon drink in the bar, you’ve met all the other guests.

I stayed here in Eriyadu Island resort

It’s super friendly, I met another female solo traveller, we were actually on the same flight then same resort. I met some lovely families from Norway and France. Yes there were couples too but it wasn’t overaly romantic in the way the Maldives are sold on the touristic websites. I did not feel uncomfortable surrounded by these couples.

But honestly there were more families than couples.

I could’ve written on how beautiful it is and throw few pictures here or simply write about the top 5 <insert something here> in the Maldives but what I really want you to take away from this post is that If you are comfortable travelling on your own, the Maldives are no different to any other destination where you can solo travel.


If you are thinking about it and you can afford it but simply intimidated by the idea of being on your own in the Maldives, trust me, GO FOR IT.

Yours Truly,

The traveller inside me




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