Travel Essentials: What’s in my bag ?

With all the travel I have to do in between work and my adventures, the last thing I need is to stress about packing.

I learnt how to pack on the fly and be as effective as possible. That being said, I do struggle sometimes with packing light simply because I value my fashion 😉

Here, I’m sharing with you my packing wisdom:

The very essentials

We, travellers,  usually worry a lot about forgetting things and not packing everything we need.

The only things you should really worry about are :

  • Passport/ID: without a passport or an ID card, you can’t really go far. Can you?
  • Money/Credit/Debit cards: I wish I can tell you that your curiosity, adventurous spirit or love for travel can alone take you places but that would be far from the Truth. The ugly truth is travel requires money wether you’re travelling on budget or on a luxury trip.
  • Mobile phone: You can argue that one can travel without phone. It’s possible. But we use our phones so much these days to take photos, check maps, search for coffee shops , order an Uber, even pay with the phone. So if you depend on your smartphone, make sure you have it with you.


Travel organisers: the life-savers

Earlier this year, I was on a two months trip to the States Where I was in cold Vermont and super hot Nevada among other places. For that, I had to pack for all kinds of weather.

I knew I wouldn’t need my flipflops in New York or Philadelphia where it was snowing. That’s when the travel organisers came in super handy. I had my clothes for separate kinds of weather in separate bags.

It’s just a great way to be more ogranised and to less likely loose items or leave them behind in hotel rooms.

You have better things to do when travelling than spending ages looking inside a huge suitcase to find that sock.


Stay connected

If you are plannning on using your phone , tablet or laptop, you may want to consider taking your chargers with you. Also remember these chargers may not work where you’re going, make sure you have a universal adapter with you, maybe a power bank, a solar charger,etc.

It’s up to you to decide what you need and what you’re willing to take with you.


The little things that matter

Sudden headache, cold, blisters or even diarrhea; you never really know. That’s why keeping a little first aid kit would never harm.

Also make sure you have travel size toiletteries as weight and size matter a lot when packing and travelling.


Keep active

You may not be the exercising kind and that’s absolutely fine 🙂

I’m the exercising kind but also the foodie kind. That’s why I make sure I’m exercising and burning all the calories I’m gaining while travelling.

Running is also a great way to explore somewhere new.



Et Voila! This is pretty much how I pack.

In my head, packing is a five sub-tasks jobs :

  1. Make sure I have my passport, money and phone.
  2. Pack all my gadgets and technology items.
  3. Make sure I have my running/gym gear with me for when jetlag wakes me early.
  4. Pack my toilettery bag.
  5. Pack the clothes and shoes I need in my travel organisers.

Obviously, things are a bit different if I’m about to take a trip with specific requirements and equipments such as a trekking or hiking trip (hint hint to an upcoming blog post 😉 ).


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