Rabeb is a software engineer working currently for MixRadio Ltd, helping building this streaming music service for different platforms including Android and iOS. She identifies herself as a UX developer focusing on mobile and desktop applications.

Rabeb is also qualified as STEM ambassador working closely with schools and students to encourage them into STEM and especially engineering. She is a Women Who Code director and leading the regional chapters within the Arab Women In Computing organisation.

She advocates to bring more women into engineering and coding. She believes in the potential of women to deal with the hardest challenges and shine in all fields.

Other than the Woman-In-Tech inside her, Rabeb is also a traveller. She dreams of visiting every corner of the world and embracing every culture out there. She likes reading and writing about the places she visits and the experiences she lives.

She is also a foodie with a very sweet tooth. For Rabeb, the process of making a meal is more than a human need to survive, it is a therapy, it is an art that she enjoys. That is why she decides to take the food blogging adventure.

Hopefully by visiting this space, you will know more about who rabeb is?


4 thoughts on “About

    1. Bonsoir maha,
      Il faut avoir une idée bien claire sur le contenu de ton blog, les choses sur lesquelles tu veux en parler. Et surtout essaies de garder un rythme et ecrire.

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