Chew Valley Lake

I love this time of year, when spring is here with its colours and birds and when I get to go out on lovely walks in the countryside.

The British countryside is very beautiful (Since it rains most of the time).

Lately, thanks to some of my good friends, I discovered Chew Valley Lake which is a fake lake. It is a large reservoir, the fifth largest artificial lake in the UK.

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Speaking At Connect2016 About Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Last weekend, I was miles away from home to attend and speak at Women Who Code ‘s Connect2016 conference, a two-day tech conference designed to inspire women to excel in tech careers. There was in-depth panels, trainings, keynotes, and actionable advice on propelling more women into technology careers.

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The Power Pose

8Th of March marks the International Women’s Day, may we never need just one day to celebrate women’s achievements, recognise their rights or highlight their struggles.

Some people make the joke of how women get one day but men have the rest of the year for them. It’s not funny! It’s not funny because we are in 2016 and we are still reminding the society of the pay gap every 8th of March.

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